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of my reporting olympic games the program against duwon it was clear that some device like this had been used back and forth. we withheld a few of the details at that time at the government's request but then the papers came out and des spiegel published some of the details of this several weeks ago. >> des spiegel published an actual catalog of these kinds of devices, tell me colonel, how is this used,
's look at sports for this hour. >> the winter olympics begin in soichy. hundreds of athletes would compete. there's one town that has a lot to be proud of. paul beban has this report from steamboat springs. >> forget football. this is how they do "friday night lights" in steamboat springs. the kids line up and launch themselves into the darkness. saturday morning it's time for speed camp. and saturday afternoon a cross-country race. for all these kids this is base
and religious extremists for decades. now the winter olympic games are just weeks away, and terrorist threats are the "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez. the olympic games gather athletes, heads of states from all around the world. and it is a tempting target for killers who want to create maximum damage, get the world's attention and make a political point. in the modern age every host city has had to worry as much about security as weather, tv rights, accommodations and traffic. with the winter games in sochi just a few weeks ago and the recent bloody terror attacks just a few weeks ago, president vladimir putin know the threats are high and real and there are a number of groups who would like to put putin's pride and joy in a world humiliation. >>> russian security forces killed islamist leader, a senior insurgent suspected in leading numerous attacks on russian target. >> what has happened in the run up olympics is proof of a hard line approach 1234 the shootout comes at a time when the russian leader faces intense international pressure over rising security concerns at the sochi ol
for decades, now the winter olympic games in this sochi are just weeks away, and terrorist threats on the "inside story." ♪ >>> hello, i'm ray suarez. the olympic games gather athletes, heads of state and celebrities from around the world along with hundreds of thousands of spectators, even the somewhat winter games offer a tempting target to killers who want to get the world's attention and make a political point. palestinians knew it, and in the modern age every host city has had to worry as much about security as weather, tv rights, accomodations and traffic. with the winter games just a few weeks ago, putin's russia knows the steaks are high and the threats are real. a number would like to make this into a world wide humiliation. in a surprise raid in a home in dagestan tuesday, russians killed an islamist military leader, suspected in leading numerous attacks on russian targets. >> translator: what is happening now is proof of a hard line approach. >> the shootout comes at a time when vladimir putin faces intense international pressure over rising security concerns next mont
the sochi olympics, a threat of more attacks by a group that now says it was behind recent deadly suicide bombings. >>> why now? some are asking after a new jersey mayor comes forward to accuse aides of governor chris christie of trying to shake her down. >>> demand for justice by those who believe a 14-year-old boy was wrongly convicted of murder and executed seven decades ago. >>> and they're back. the bobsled team from a place with no ice. the return of the jamaicans. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >>> good evening. we begin with an ominous new terror threat against next month's winter olympic games in sochi, russia. with thousands of athletes, journalists and spectators from the u.s. and around the world soon arriving in sochi, today, a well-known islamic militant group claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombings that killed 34 people last month in the city of volgograd. and they vowed more attacks, making specific mention of the olympics and the tourists who will come for the games. our chief foreign c
>>> good morning, and welcome to a special edition of "this week" from sochi, russia. olympics on edge. breaking overnight, new terror threats against the games. we'll get the latest from brian ross and the congressional chairman tracking olympic security. >>> plus soaring costs and krups -- corruption, a global uproar over the aebt-gay law s. and big challenges ahead. if they protest, will they be free from prosecution? this morning, vladimir putin only on "this week." >>> and president obama reveals the nsa reforms -- >>> and is the worst over for chris christie or is the scandal spreading? the powerhouse roundtable takes it all on this sunday morning. >>> hello, again, i'm just back from the interview with president putin at the site of the sochi olympics. breaking news on the biggest challenge of the games, the threat of a terrorist attack. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with us with the latest. we have seen overnight the video from those responsible they say for the bombings in russia just last month. >> that's right, george. it's a martyrdom vide
to stay away from the olympic games. >> i am autria godfrey. >> i am kris van cleave. it is going to get cold this week. >> we have one more good day to enjoy. jacqui jeras is in the weather center with a check of our forecast. >> it is the holidays, so a great day to get outside and enjoy the temperatures. they're certainly going to be short-lived and we have major changes had our way -- headed our way. reaganat 41 degrees at national. 34 degrees at dulles airport. our winter storm watch has been put in effect for the entire area. fine, this is a tuesday event for us. a calm and mild monday. temperatures near 50. snow will be likely with two to four inches and a bitter cold blast with temperatures in the 20's for highs. more details in a few minutes. peoplethis morning, two are dead and a third is in serious condition after a wreck in prince george's county. three people were in an suv when it went off a bridge on indian head highway and landed on oxon hill road. two passengers died on the scene. all lanes are closed right now on oxon hill road. know,erything you need to let's head over
threats for everyone heading to the sochi olympic games just weeks before the olympics begin cnn obtained threatening video made by terrorist. we're live in russia with the latest. another allegation against governor chris christie's office. >> i can't believe they were doing this. >> militia of hoboken telling cnn christie's office withholding relief funds after superstorm sandy. details on both stories start now. we begin with breaking news of an ominous threat aimed at thousands of tourists set to visit olympic for the olympic games. these men claim to be the suicide bombers who carried out the attack in volgograd, russia, just days from the drive of sochi. phil joins me live, tell us more about this chilling video and how this message was disseminated. >> sure, fred. this video posted to a well-known jihadi forum. in it these men claim responsibility for the acts that took place in volgograd just a few weeks ago in the final days of 2013, the 29th and 309 of december. there were bombings here at a train station, also a trolley bus in all killing 34 people. ominously these people promi
able to say there. plus a new security threat ahead of the olympics. >>> good evening. i'm dine dwyer. people in a san jose neighborhood are calling for changes tonight after a teenage girl was hit and killed by a light rail train on her way to school. 14-year-old danika garcia were on her bike when she was hit on southwest expressway on friday just across the street from her high school. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is near the high school with more on what neighbors are demanding tonight. kimberly. >> reporter: diane, we want to show you where the accident happened right here at this crossing. there are barriers on either side and signs warning people to look both ways. you can see those barriers coming down now and the lights and the sounds, but neighbors say more needs to be done to keep the accident from ever happening again, and the they say both the vta and pedestrians need to be involved in the solution. santa clara count issy deputies say 14-year-old danika garcia was riding her bike friday morning when she was struck and culled. the santa clara county sheriff's office won't
big stories. new terror concerns for everyone heading to the sochi olympic games. weeks before they begin, cnn obtained an ominous video from terrorists at the heart of the concern. back in this country, another allegation against governor chris christie's office." the mayor of hoboken said the mayor withheld relief funds after superstorm sandy. details on both stories start now. >>> we begin with breaking news out of russia and that terror tape. here is what the new threat says in part. quote, as for your olympics, something that you really want, we prepared a present for you. you do your business and we'll do ours. we prepared a present for you and all tourists who come over, end quote a video online shows two men who claim to be the suicide bombers behind one of last month's bloody bombings in volgograd, russia. the video is adding to fear russia won't be able to stop a terror attack. phil, give us more about this video and how it was uncovered. >> reporter: fred, so this video shows two men who claimed credit for the bombing in volgograd who killed 21 people on the 30th of
of the black widow suspects. up next, a look at potential threats to the olympics posted by the center for strategic international studies. this is a little more than an hour. >> good morning and welcome. we will confine all questions about richard sherman until after the briefing. thank you for being here this morning. we have some weather coming into washington so it is good to have such an excellent turnout. a very timelysly briefing and we will get to it. i'm joined by my colleagues dr. andrew kutchins and jeff minkoff. the deputy security advisor in the bush administration, a key arson on counterterrorism and many other issues. -- a key person on counterterrorism and many other issues. we will open it up to your questions. thank you for coming. >> good morning, everybody. said, you braved the rumor of a snowflake in washington, d.c. later today coming in this morning. it is always wonderful during a press briefing to just check the news. so i checked "the moscow times was good and the title of the story was potential suicide armor in sochi. you globally have already heard this sto
. games.g the olympic in russia, anti-terror operations are being carried out in an attempt to make sochi safe. ♪ is technology a friend or foe of musicians? whyght, one artist explains some services are hitting a sour note. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. right now, international diplomats are gathering in switzerland for a conference aimed at ending the conflict in syria. they're meeting comes amidst claims that syrian government forces are guilty of torturing and executing prisoners. that is what three former war crimes prosecutors, omission by qatar, say in a new report. the syrian government has denied the abuse. tonight, we have full coverage. we start with paul wood. a warning, his report contains some graphic images. people of thousands of have disappeared in serious jails. many were tortured to death, say the opposition. it is proof, they say. a library of disturbing images. it is a catalog of some 11,000 deaths in custody. this has been called industrial- scale torture. the administration denies it, but to view these pictures i
right now. >>> we begin with a fox alert. a new terror threat against the winter olympics. thousands of americans will be headed there. >> i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the russians are studying a video from the islamic group threat eping to strike the games. >> reporter: security officials here in russia and the united states are taking the threat of the attack against the olympics very seriously indeed and it appears with good reason. the video was posted on line over the weekend. in it two russian speaking men say they will have a surprise or a present, present for the russian people, the russian president vladimar putin and as they say for any tourist visiting the olympics. it is according to the security analyst a dangerous and very real threat. listen. >> the problem is that two people on the video, they promised a surprise, not specifically in sochi but for russia and tourist and visitors for the olympics. they never specify the place of the strikes and so everyone should be concerned. >> reporter: they are. president putin with the prestige on the line is p
. in a little less than hour, a discussion of terrorist threats at the winter olympics in russia. after that, we will air the comments of retired admiral mike mullen. >> on the next "washington journal," we will focus on the u.s. auto industry with live coverage from the detroit auto show. i guess will be david shepardson and david strickland. membersalso speak with of general motors, ford, and toyota. join the conversation on facebook and twitter. >> i would like to add a personal word with regard to an issue that has been of great concern to all americans over the past year. to the investigations of the so-called watergate affair. as you know, i have provided to the special prosecutor voluntarily a great deal of material. i believe that i have provided all the material that he needs to conclude his investigations and to proceed to prosecute the guilty and clear the innocent. i believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other investigations of this matter to an end. one year of watergate is enough. five decades of notable state of the union addresses from lbj to george w. bus
. >> and a place where kids with dreams of gold can train to become future olympic champs. >> good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton. we begin this morning with a senate report suggesting a deadly aattack on the u.s. consulate could have been prevented. the state department and american intelligence agencies did not do enough to boost security despite warnings that the threat level was increasing. it's the first report criticising ambassador chris sevens directly. it raises questions about his judgments and actions in the weeks before his death. stevens and three other were killed on the attacks, taking place september 11th, 2002. >> there's a new wave of violence in iraq. six car bombs exploded in and around baghdad. 75 were killed, dozens injured. the blasts occurred in the mostly shia neighbourhoods. senator mccain has been an outspokener critic and spoke with john seigenthaler about his view on america's foreign policy throughout the region. >> throughout the middle east america is declining in influence and on the wane. people are making their own accommodations for th
of an attack on the olympic games. will tourists and athletes be safe? ahead we talk to the director of security at the 1996 olympics in atlanta. >>> plus, he's been locked up in north korea for more than a year. now kenneth bae is asking the united states for help. and this. >> you depend on god when you leave your house, because you don't know what fate holds for you. >> welcome to the new normal in iraq, where simply walking outside can be a matter of life or death. >>> welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. first up, new threats now adding fears to a possible terror attack on the olympic games, just two-and-a-half weeks away when an online video shows two men claiming to have been behind the recent suicide attacks that killed dozens of people in russia. you see it there. the men are warning of more bombings during those games. the threat comes as the olympic torch is passing through the city of volograd, which, of course, you might recognize that name. that is where the attacks happened. phil black has the details. >> reporter: mounting concerns in russia this morni
will also seize the business of the olympics broadcaster the games are coming up in less than three weeks. a lot to talk about. security issues there because of threats of terrorism. abouthe social issue russia's anti-gay laws. we will get into that and more when we come back. ♪ >> welcome back. withe here for the hour economist alan krueger. let's turn our attention right now to the olympic games in russia. we are two weeks away, a little over two weeks away from the start of the games. nation will bee tuning in to nbc, the exclusive rights to broadcast the games. it is set to deliver 1039 hours of programming. let's head out to connecticut where we are joined by the man putting it all together there, the executive producer behind nbc's olympic coverage. and the head of the olympic broadcasting route and head of strategy of operations. good to see you guys. forpaid a lot of money this. 775 million dollars for the right to broadcast these games, $1.2 billion for the right to broadcast it in rio. enough to justify this kind of money e -- money? >> what remains valuable and incredibly uni
is planning the tightest security in olympic history as it prepares to host the winter games in sochi next month. up next, former deputy national security adviser juan zarate will talk about the geopolitical implications of the game. the center for strategic and international studies is hosting this event morning. this is live coverage on c-span2. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. good morning, and welcome to the center for strategic and international studies. we'll confine all questions about richard sherman until after the briefing. thank you for being here this morning. we've got some weather coming into washington, so it's great to have such an excellent turnout. this is, obviously, a very timely briefing, and we'll get right to it. i'm joined here by my colleagues from the russia eurasia ram, andy cuppens, who is our -- kuchins and dr. jack mankopf. juan zarate was deputy national security adviser during the bush administration, and is our key person on counterterrorism and many other issues. so with that, i'd like to offer
>>> on our broadcast tonight, olympic insecurity, with just 16 days to go. new concerns today as some american athletes and their families say they're worried about going to the games. tonight, richard engel is there. >>> crackdown, another crisis on russia's door, as a big uprising takes a violent turn. >>> and sudden impact, how safe are the cars all over the american road? tonight, the answer for some makes is unsettling. >>> and flying high, after years of fighting to compete, the american women finally get their chance to shine. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, all those warnings about security and fears of a terrorist attack appear to be taking something of a toll tonight, with 16 days to go now until the opening ceremony of the winter olympics games in sochi, russia, while the modern olympics are a relatively television event and few get to attend the games in person, those who will attend, ranging from athletes to families and media and spectators are watching it closely as russia continues to promise a heavily defended fortress around these games. our chief
threats against the olympics. are america's athletes in any taper. >> let's get too it. >> good monday afternoon. happy mlk day. first, u.s. lawmakers are warning the winter olympics in sochi, russia, may not be safe for athletes and spectators. the games are now less than three weeks away, and now authorities in russia say they're studying a video that an islamic militant group posted online yesterday. it features two men supposedly making plans for a pair of dead lay suicide bomb which is we witnessed in a city in southern russian. the attacks last month killed more than 30 people. one blast tore through a train station, another targeted passengers on a city bus a day later. the men in the video tell the russian president vladimir putin the terror group has another present for him and tourists at the sochi games. meantime, the russian president says his country will do whatever it takes to keep the olympics safe. the russians have been battling insurgents in the region for more than a decade. jonathan hunt has been following the story and is live. thousands of americans are set to he
whether or not he was working the night of that accident. >>> coming up, an olympic dream is coming true for a bay area teenager. she'll go for the gold in sochi next month. >>> it looks like the 49ers have finally solved their parking problems. stay tuned and i'll tell you all about it coming up. >>> stay tuned for inside edition after tonight's news. >>> the new 49ers stadium, the construction work is going on as planned. but initial reports indicated there may not be enough parking for the 49ers to play any thursday or monday night games without causing a lot of problems, and no solutions have been made public to address the problem so far. a public meeting happened in santa clara and addressed that issue. any resolutions? >> reporter: the 49ers have been working to secure additional parking in this area ever since they got the green light to build the stadium. tonight it looks like they finally pulled it off. they have been working on securing the parking spots for months, and finally got requirements from business owners who will allow fans to park in their lots, but the team was a
to go before this city will host the winter olympics and security concerns have already started to overshadow these games. there have been two recent terrorist attacks not here in sochi but a few hundred miles away and the biggest concern is that militants from the north caucasus will try and carry out attacks perhaps not right in this area, because this area already is very secure and will be even more scour in the lead up to the games, officials assure us, but perhaps somewhere else in this very broad country. another concern is the criticism taking place in russia, particularly that these games have been so expensive. already $50 billion for all of the infrastructure required for these games. this city was not considered a winter resort in the past. people came here, in fact, to spend their summers, but vladamir putin, who was in that stadium, that hockey stadium just the other day, showing that this country is ready, that the games will be safe, decided that he wanted to have it in sochi, and that's why all of this money is being spent, all of this infrastructure built and p
>>> on our broadcast tonight, olympic threats in sochi in russia. tonight they're looking out for terrorists they call black widows. there's a warning that one may already be there. tonight, richard engel on what's being done to protect the games. >>> fighting back against the latest allegations of bullying. did the christie administration really shake down a local mayor holding hurricane sandy recovery funds hostage? >>> states of emergency. frigid temperatures, another big winter storm. and there are worries in several states about having enough fuel to get through it. >>> and the president and pot. barack obama wades into a national conversation about marijuana. "nightly news" begins now. now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. the winter olympic games opening ceremony in sochi, russia, is 18 days away. the russians from vladimir putin down, have been telling the world, in effect, we've got this. despite the very real threat of terrorism, they have been assuring the athletes and tourists and me
the olympic winter games kick off in sochi in southern russia. they are russia toss first-ever winter games, and they are president vladimir putin's pet project. building the infrastructure costs roughly 40 billion euros. the idea is to establish sochi as a winter sports hub, but the city's geographical location might hamper that plan. it's not far away from the northern caucasus, an islamist suicide bombers from the region have been carrying out terrorist attacks all across russia or years. that's why the organizers of the sochi olympic games are stepping up security even further. click the mountains surrounding sochi have been turned into a high-security zone. tens of thousands of soldiers and police are on duty. security cameras are everywhere in the city. fears of a terrorist attack are high. but most of sochi's residents have other worries. this family used to live from there vegetable garden and fruit trees. sochi's unique subtropical climate provides excellent growing conditions, but when the city was chosen or the winter games, the family had to move. their land, just 700 square met
to the olympics in russia inone u.s. lawmaker telling cnn he would not. >> i would not go. and i don't think i would send my family. i don't know how you put a percentage on it, but it's such a rich target in an area of the world that has, you know, they've almost broadcast that they are going to try to do something there. >> this morning despite temperatures well below zero the olympic torch reached volgograd in russia. that same city was hit by two terrorist attacks last month and the possibility of an attack during the games has many worried especially since a wurj report this morning claims the united states will send fewer security personnel to sochi than in past olympics. cnn phil black has for for you. >> reporter: mounting concerns in russia this morning as the olympic torch relay makes its way through the bomb stricken city of volgograd. two extremists in this video claiming responsibility for two back-to-back suicide bombings last month. that claimed 34 lives. and warning that more attacks could come during the sochi olympic games. in the hour long video the purported suicide bombers
the afternoon removing the fliers. she knows the police have higher priorities. >>> with the winter olympic games three weeks away there are new and specific threats to the event. female terrorists called black widows may have infiltrated sochi and are out for vengeance. terry mcsweeney is live from near the golden gate bridge with more on the threat and the reaction. >> the golden gate bridge has been the subject of terror threats and alerts over the years. now imagine if a group could pull off an attack at the sochi olympic games 18 days from now, what kind of publicity that group might get. that sort of a plot may be well underway. at sochi airport these days, travellers are closely watches as russian security forces search for four women, suspected suicide bombers targeting the olympics. this is one of them. she is a so-called black widow. she got that scar on her cheek during a raid that killed her husband. add to all this the threat from the grave. two men in this video claiming they are preparing to carry out the suicide attack on volgograd. the president says that -- >> i was hit wi
. >>> on the hunt for a suspected terrorist known as the black widow who may be plotting attacks on the olympics. >> we're going to go there and try to minimize the suffering of the syrian people. >> reporter: heading to geneva the key players hoping to reach common ground. >>> and take two, a snow storm slowing down the midwest and the northeast. ♪ >>> a short while ago, new jersey governor chris christie taking the oath of office being sworn in for a second term. his nomination being overshadowed by several scandals. the potential presidential candidate using today's speech to put all of that behind him, he hopes. john terrett is here to talk about more of the woes on the christie administration. >> the speech hasn't happened yet, del, but i have seen a copy. there is no mention anywhere of the scandals. it's all talking about what the people of new jersey part and bipartisanism. but he really does clearly still have its eye on 2016, because he is talking about the need to basically do away with the attitude in washington which is where he says they put people in a box and they don't like th
years because the winter olympics are just around the corner. now, i am prohibited from showing you a graphic of the olympic rings due to threats of copyright infringement but i've got a work around. jimmy, just put up five interlocking mickey heads. there you go. (cheers and applause) folks, this year's olympic games are in russia where have had a muir putin's recent law of displaying gay propaganda has gotten the right-huggers' yuan around thes in a bunch. but putin landed himself a huge supporter state side, fox news youth correspondent pat buchanan. (laughter) in an op-ed on entitled, "is putin one of us?" he applauds putin's belief that to equate traditional marriage to same-sex marriage is to equate good with evil. and writes "he has more clarity than americans caught up in a cold war paradigm." buchanan is right. the cold war is over. in fact, if reagan were alive today he'd been saying this. >> mr. putin, build out a wall to keep out the homos! (laughter) >> stephen: besides, gay supporters have nothing to wine about because putin recently announced that pre-app
>>> this morning on "world news now," fresh fears at the upcoming olympics. target for terrorists. new video sparks new debate over whether the games are safe. plus -- >> translator: in some of the states in the u.s., homosexuality remains a felony. >> russia president's defends his country's controversial anti-gay law in an exclusive interview with abc news. >>> also, this morning -- >> i would like to thank our fans for being so amazing and so supportive. i think they deserve this win. and deserve their team making it to the championship game. >> the super bowl is set after sunday of nail-biting football action. it will be the broncos and seahawks headed to new york for super bowl xlviii. it is monday, january 20th. >>> good morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> i'm john muller. happy martin luther king day, everybody. >> a lot of people have the day off. >> not us. >> what are we doing wrong? did you watch any football? >> not a bit. isn't that terrible? >> that's not terrible. >> no. but you did. >> i did. i didn't get to see much of the second game because i had
winning gold. ♪ >> the winter olympic games in russia are only 23 days away. often this is the time when young athletes turn to veterans for guidance. olympic gold medalist picabo street is eager to be heard. here a bloomberg, she discussed the business of skiing, using the games as a platform for social change, and what she thinks is next for gold medalist lindsey vonn. she sat down with my colleague. >> how does life change after you win a gold medal? >> your perspective of yourself can change a little bit. you believe in yourself more than you did before. people's perspectives of you change, and something proceeds you into the room. my reputation and my gold proceed me into the room. it adds a wow factor. it can add a disconnect if you allow it to. i have started traveling with it a lot. if you are an olympic hopeful, i will not let you touch it or wear it, it's not the stanley cup. but i put it on the moms, i like to say hey, put this on your neck. it makes me smile. >> lindsey vonn pulled out of the olympics. a lot of people are saying how can you do this? >> i am a ski racer. i hav
>>> welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. at the site of the olympics. new threats delivered on tape. these men warning of surprise attacks there. could those attacks include chemical weapons? our chief investigative correspondent brian ross right here tonight. >>> the governor versus the mayor tonight. once standing beside governor christie. now vowing to stand up to him. she says christie sent her a threat, do what we want, or no help after hurricane sandy. the governor's team denying it. >>> not again. much of the country about to be hit with yet another arctic blast. a new polar vortex hitting just in time for the new work week. and the high-wire act on the roads already. the giant chain reaction accident. >>> and caroline's concern. ambassador caroline kennedy tonight and the tweet on the eve of a controversial move. what are they about to do to the dolphins? >>> good evening and thanks for joining us here on a sunday night. and we begin with mounting concern over security at the olympics in sochi, now just a little more than two weeks away. tonight, that new v
of american athletes at the olympic games. an islamic militant group is threatening an attack on the game. one u.s. senator said it is too dangerous to attend the events in sochi. abc's mary bruce has the latest now from washington. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, marci. well, in a frightening new video, terrorists that have already struck in russia set their sights on those visiting the winter games in sochi. with the olympics just weeks away, fresh threats against tourists are raising concerns about american security. the terror group behind last month's attacks in volgograd, russia, posted this video claiming to show the suicide bombers responsible. the islamist militants are seen building their explosives and traveling to their target. they say this was just the beginning. the group warned they'll have a surprise package for tourists who come to the olympics. >> the long and the short of it is i think vladimir putin and the russian government will be very lucky if they're able to get through the olympics without an incident. >> reporter: the state department has cautioned am
. coming up in just a few minutes. >>> the olympic torch relay has just reached volgegard this morning. the police presence right there is massive as the olympic flame winds its way through the streets. >>> there are growing concerns about the safety of american athletes and tourists at the sochi olympics. an islamic militant group is threatening an attack on the games. one senator says it's too dangerous to attend the events in sochi next month. nbc's mary bruce has the latest. >> reporter: with the olympics weeks away fresh threats against tourists are raising concerns about american security. the terror group behind last month's attacks posted this video, claiming to show the suicide bombers responsible. they are seen building their explosives and traveling to their target. they say this was just the beginning. the group warned they'll have a surprise package for tourists who come to the olympics. >> the long and the short of it is that i think that vladimir putin and the russian government will be very lucky to get through the olympics without an incident. >> reporter: the state de
their sights on the olympics. >>> the state department responds to pleas from the american held captive in north korea. what department officials say they're going to do to get kenneth bae back. >>> and a hero's homecoming. the 49ers are in santa clara this morning talking about last night's painful loss. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >>> and a good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us at 11:00 a.m. >> we begin with the return of the 49ers. they're back in santa clara to clear out their lockers. and answer questions about the game that ended their season. nbc bay area's bob ridel live outside of headquarters. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. there's actually quite a showing of fans out here. probably about 40 to 50 people who have come out here heartbroken, of course, over last night's loss. but wanted to show the team their support as the players arrived here at the training facility all morning long. coach jim harbaugh waved to fans as he drove in about an hour and a half ago. fans cheered on quarterback colin kaepernick as he arrived for this
advocacy. >> he's taking it to the olympics. it comes on the back of comments by a senior olympic committee in relation to comments about four lesbians. chris kluwe told me he thought he would be in the n.f.l. if he was gay, instead of a heterosexual male advocating for gay rights. >> it's a tough one. it makes it tougher for the team in terms of getting rid of someone if they came out as openly gay with a spotlight cast upon the n.f.l. and other leagues. that's the thing with the n.f.l., is that there's so many ways to plausibly get rid of someone that seemed to make sense on the surface, that it would be easy for the team to say "we want to upgrade or go younger or cheaper" it's unfortunate that that is the way it works. the n.f.l. doesn't want story lines not about football. they don't want anyone talking about the team. it's unfortunate, this idea that being openly gay is going to get you considered to be a distraction, which means that head coaches do not want you. that's a perception we need to change. >> the vikings are conducting an investigation into your allegations. was that your
controversy and also ahead, there has been a new terror threat and pointed directly at the winter olympics. urgent search on now for dangerous black widows. one believed to have actually penetrated the security zone. the latest coming up. first, the obama administration using mlk day to sell obamacare. is that right? our >>> listen to this. one of the ways obama administration is marking martin luther king hole day is a promotional push for obamacare. kathleen sebelius releasing a statement urging people to sign up as we celebrate the inspirational life of martin luther king. one pastor calling that insulting his memory. michael faulkner joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. always a pleasure to be with you. >> always a pleasure to have you. >> why do you find that insulting that they use martin luther king to push out obamacare? >> i find it insulting because they take bad legislation good mosmry and wonderful legacy of martin luther king how he achieved what he was able to achieve through the civil rights movement. through his life and legacy and writings and all that he s
are we going to say? remember, this happened in the olympics when people talk about their faith and graciousness at the end of a win. they don't praise themselves, they thank god for it. remember, they tried to like edit some of that stuff out. this guy was just -- he's wearing his heart on his -- his faith on his sleeve. i found it really refreshing. >> he's there with the quarterback, russell wilson, and players, and they're nodding their heads in agreement. >> this is making the point i was trying to make. here we have the extreme on the other side. as sherman is extreme, not humble, loud, passionate, boisterous, annoying. then you have a group of guys who are humble, talk about god, talk about their faith. i mean, both are okay. both are just as good as that canned center of the aisle commentary that frankly is a little bit boring. i think they're both refreshing. >> you're not equating what these guys said with what sherman said? >> absolutely. they're the polar opposite. >> i was glad to hear them say that, because we do get caught up in this, such a big important day and
in a russian city torn apart by terror. the the olympic behind the attack are causing real concerns about security at the olympic games with a new video warning of more atax during the games. with just two and a half weeks to go, officials in russia say they have security under control but not. >> is convinced. let's bring in fran townsend, cnn's security analyst. a lot to cover. security around olympic games is always a concern, any large, public event with so many people coming together is always a concern but here it seems to be a higher concern than usual. first on that video, what do you make of what we learned, two men claiming responsibility for those 2010 bombings and threatening more attacks to come? >> reporter: well, kate, it's a pretty bold move, right? you've got their faces are clearly seen, they're taking responsibility for the two volgograd bombings and throat threatening more. presumably russian authorities are trying to track down and identify these individuals and take them into custody. pretty brazen, right, two and a half weeks before the games again. but russian offi
for the sochi olympics. coming from beyond the grave. these two men in this chilling new video are believed to be the bombers behind the deadly blast in the city last month that killed dozen of people. in this just released video, they are promising something similar for the and cnn just learned the u.s. is taking extraordinary contingency measures here. tell me about what you know. >> brooke, the navy is sending two ships that are going to be posted in the black sea off the coast of russia in case something goes wrong. there have been a lot of security fears over the games. the location of the games in sochi in southern russia is a hard to reach area. the u.s. is deciding just in case something goes wrong and they need to do evacuations, in order to do any of this, they have to get permission from the russian government and as you know, that's always a dicy thing. just in case something happens. >> on the contingency plans, the what if plans. let's talk more about the security situation with mike baker. former covert officer, mike, welcome. >> let me begin with sound yesterday morning. tak
of the union address. live on c-span radio and with the start of the winter olympics just over two weeks away, juan zarate says have an intent of disrupting the sochi let picks. the former george w. bush official as part of a panel yesterday looking at security and politics of the winter games. this is from the center for strategic and international studies. >> we will confine all questions about richard sherman until after the briefing. thank you for being here this morning. we have some weather coming into washington, sodas great to have such an excellent turnout. a very timelysly briefing. i'm joined by my colleagues from the eurasia program, andrew kuchins. mankoff.jeffrey i'm joined by juan zarate. he was the security advisor under the bush administration. he is a key person on counterterrorism and many other issues. with that, i would like to offer andrew kuchins the microphone. we will have some brief remarks to open up. by our principles here -- we will open it up your questions. thank you for coming. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to csis. as andrew said, we are all g
. ♪ >>> president obama spoke with russian president putin today about safety concerns at the upcoming olympic games in sochi. the white house says the two discussed how to combine efforts to ensure a safe and secure winter games. russian security officials say they're hunting five potential suicide bombers, three women and two men. one of the women is already in sochi according to russian authorities. the jamaican bobsledding team will be back at the winter olympics thanks in part to a silicon valley boost. the team managed to qualify, but lacked the funds needed for travel and equipment, so they turned to crowd funding led by indy go go. the team reached its goal and told us how great it will be to compete. >> we are overwhelmed. we are incredibly grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support from people far and wide. >> in all, the team raised more than $100,000 in the campaign launched just a few days ago an we continue our olympic coverage on our website. just click on the 2014 sochi olympics page. there, you can sign up for our olympic newsletter. >>> hen we come back, we'll take you back
. >>> a new sweat surfaces at the 2014 olympics in sochi. . >>> the olympic torch is headed through the town where two suicide bombing killed more than 30 people last month and right now the police presence is staggering as the oh limb page flame -- olympic flame winds through the city. and right now there are concerns about a newly surfaced video threatens an attack. they claimed responsibility for last month's attack and now they have plans for another at the olympic games. >> they have now moved some 30,000 troops and their level of concern is great but they don't seem to be getting all of the information we need to protect our athletes we need in the games. >> russia's president vladimir puntin said he will do whatever it takes to keep everybody safe. they are on high alert and bomb- sniffing defendants are underway and other security options are underway. >>> a mother is grieving the death of her two sons killed less than a month apart. they were driving less than one month apart. lee weathersby was killed after he was on his way home new year's eve and now rashard was killed. >> our fa
work tonight might almost be an olympic sport for many freezing in the bitter cold. some of our major cities look like they've been hit by an avalanche. is relief on the way? in national news, unlike some democratic presidents we could name, there's never been a doubt about whether barack obama inhal inhaled. but if the president believes pot is no more dangerous than booze, shouldn't he tell his drug czar? >>> good afternoon, everybody. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with the world lead. in 16 days the top athletes in world meet in sochi, russia, for the winter olympics. the competitors are hardly the only ones with jangled nerves as the day draws closer. today with russian authorities on the lookout for so-called black widows who may be part of a plot to attack the games, the u.s. olympic committee is confirming it received an e-mail warning of terrorist attacks to visitors to sochi. the u.s. committee coordinates travel plans for the whole american delegation. however, the international olympic committee is downplaying the e-mail, saying, quote, it contains no
this morning. with the sochi olympics now just 16 days away, security is a growing dploeb l concern. they are certainlying for many soe called black widow terrorists. we're live in volgograd, russia this morning for us. >> reporter: good morning. and a sign of just how broad the security challenge is for russian authorities. we know they have now detected two separate terror plots. one of them targeting the olympic torch and the expect window for that attack is open right now. an intensifying security crackdown. as the threat of terrorism grows and the leader to the sochi olympic games. russian state news reports, the police killed a suspected militant leader in this shootout on tuesday. reports that the leader of the em rat terrorist cell has been killed in dagestan. >> from their point of view, they don't have to succeed with an operation, it's just enough to try. where as the russian security services, they have to have a 9% failure rate. >> reporter: president obama offered full assistant to vladimir putin on tuesday. they discussed the idea of providing russia with high-tech ai
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